More savings, more convenience

More savings, more convenience

Go further with the F-MAX L’s expanded 1350 lt fuel tank. On long journeys, fill up in countries where fuel costs are lower and save more on routes covering thousands of kilometres. With the F-MAX L’s expanded fuel tank, you can go further than ever before without stopping. Travel over 5,000 kilometres on a single tank.

Savings on every single journey...

Long-distance tires can reduce fuel consumption by up to 4%, meaning you save even more for every kilometre travelled. Reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% with the F-MAX’s Eco Plus Mode feature.

A safe, comfortable ride.

Enjoy safer, more comfortable driving with the F-MAX’s increased wheelbase and improved handling and stability. Save even more fuel by disabling the Kick Down feature. With two engine powers available in one vehicle, you can save even more by adjusting engine power to suit load and road conditions. Keep moving forward no matter how challenging the journey is with the three-stage Max Cruise feature. Geographic support adjusts speed automatically to optimize fuel consumption for your specific road conditions.

Don’t fear the slopes...

The Eco Roll feature automatically shifts your vehicle into neutral on downhill slopes, increasing fuel efficiency. Disengage Power Mode to shift gears at low speeds. The 85 kph speed limit feature makes sure you save even when adjusting your speed. The 5-minute automatic shut-off feature means no fuel is wasted when the vehicle is idling.